About the Project

The idea for this project originated many years ago. I wish I could remember the first rephotography project I saw — obviously the concept of remaking historic photographs made much more of an impression on me than did that first "then and now" pair I saw.

When I decided to study for a Master's degree, I knew what I wanted to concentrate on, not a thesis but an entire visual presentation of both my great-grandfather's work and my own version of those images. Some of the images I wanted to remake proved to be impossible to do, usually from an access problem. For instance, I don't have enough strings to pull to get on top of one of the Salt Lake temple's spires, as my great-grandfather did when making the images of the laying of the capstone! Other images are still to be rephotographed; after all, this is an ongoing project, as Charlie was a very prolific photographer.

With the encouragement of my graduate committee, led by Dr. Cassandra Van Buren and including Craig Denton and Louise Degn, I set out to first narrow down the initial image set, then make the rephotographs.

There are several others I would like to thank. Ron Howell from the LDS Church's Public Affairs office accompanied me into the balconies of the Tabernacle and Assembly Hall, and R. Jacobsen at the City and County building took me up the tower to get the shot "looking from the belfry of the Unihalle." Mr. Ali Rafaati from the Grand America Hotel was kind enough to allow photographs from the balcony of one of the upper rooms of the hotel.

— Judy H. Kiel, 2008

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