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View from Anderson's Tower, A St. & 6th Ave.
Looking south on Main St.
Looking north from the City & County Building
West Temple View #1
West Temple View #2
The Salt Lake Theatre
City & County Building #1
City & County Building #2
Continental Hotel #1, West Temple & 100 So.
Continental Hotel #2, West Temple & 100 So.
Brigham Young family grave, 1st Ave.
Grant Bros. Livery, West Temple
Brigham St. (South Temple)
Hall of Relics, SW corner, South Temple & Main St.
Templeton Hotel, NE corner, South Temple & Main St.
Eagle Gate looking west
Eagle Gate looking north
Brigham Young statue and Deseret News building
Brigham Young statue, Main St. & South Temple
Gardo House (Amelia's Palace)
Lion & Beehive Houses #1
Lion & Beehive Houses #2
Lion House entrance
Temple Square from Capitol Hill
Laying the Capstone of the Salt Lake Temple
Salt Lake Temple Annex
Salt Lake Tabernacle
Salt Lake Tabernacle interior
Assembly Hall
Assembly Hall interior
Queens' float, Pioneer Days parade




Charles Ellis Johnson