About the Author

Judy Kiel is the great-granddaughter of Charles Ellis Johnson, thus making her also one of the many great-great-grandchildren of Brigham Young. Young's wife Emeline Free Young (also known as Emmeline) was the mother of Ruth, who met Charlie at the Young's summer home in St. George, Utah. Their son Ellis was Judy's grandfather, and his daughter Dovie Marion Johnson Hutchinson was Judy's mother.

Judy has believed for years that she inherited Charlie's love of photography, joking even that she has photographic fixer in her veins, rather than blood. She has exhibited fine art photography in numerous venues, and continues to pursue that form of expression, particularly in travel-related ventures. Between her love of photography and keen interest in history, this project has been and continues to be a passion of hers.

This project has been in the making for many, many years, and the realization of many rephotographed CEJ images helps to fulfill a nearly lifelong goal. It is not a finished project, as she intends to continue finding and rephotographing images from her great-grandfather's lens.

Image: Dovie Marian Johnson as photographed by Charles Ellis Johnson.

Dovie Marian Johnson